CEM Learning Program

We are excited that you have chosen or are thinking about obtaining your Certified in Exhibition Management® (CEM) designation! The CEM Learning Program is a nine-part adult learning and certification program designed to provide industry professionals an in-depth understanding of the overall operations of the industry.

To begin the CEM Learning Program, new candidates must have three years of full-time experience in the exhibitions and/or events industry and fill out an online application. If you have not yet completed your application, please click here. Your default logon is your email address and your password is your first name+last name (all lower case, no spaces). The application is under the Certification section. An application fee is also required at the time the application is submitted ($100 Members/$125 Non-Members). You will receive the latest edition of the Art of the Show textbook when you receive your approval letter.

The CEM Learning Program schedule is below.

If you have any questions please contact cem@iaee.com

On-Line Courses for Certification

  • Floor Plan Development Online - 6 October - 3 November 2020

    A well-designed floor plan or layout is critical to the success of an exhibition or event. The floor plan is a schematic drawing of the exhibit hall or event venue that includes the booths/stands available for rent to the exhibitors, facility physical features, official areas (such as registration) and other feature areas that become the exhibition marketplace. In a rapidly changing business environment, a floor plan must meet the logistical needs of exhibitors and sponsors and the shopping habits of attendees with sufficient flexibility to adjust for growth or consolidation.

  • Finance, Budgeting and Contracts Online - 6 October - 3 November 2020

    Understanding the application of accounting, finance and budgeting fundamentals allows the exhibition organizer to make a greater contribution to the growth and financial success of the organization. It is essential the exhibition organizer know the terminology used in financial management to develop a budget and manage the financial strategies of the exhibition. A well-developed and well-administered budget is crucial to enabling the exhibition organizer to accurately project and monitor income and expenses, track cash flow and cost controls and ultimately measure the success of the event and the organization’s return on investment.

On-Location Courses for Certification

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