International Request for a Trade Show Service Proposal - RFP Template for Exhibitions Services in CHINA


In 2021, IAEE was honored to be gifted the Request-for-Proposal (RFP) templates from Larry Kulchawik.  Larry’s goal is to continue to give back to the industry and share his love of international exhibitions. IAEE will continue his legacy of providing this content to the industry.  While earning a degree in Design at Southern Illinois University, Larry Kulchawik had the privilege to study under world class designer Buckminster Fuller. Geodesic domes and Spaceship Earth influenced his thinking in so many ways he never thought to be relevant at the time. Starting as an exhibit designer, Kulchawik has spent his entire career in the exhibit industry. He has worked for leading exhibit companies in the USA in management and sales with a focus on international trade show marketing and has served on the boards of many industry associations.


These RFP templates have been developed to enhance communication between international exhibit suppliers and manager organizers seeking a proposal for an international trade show event.  Nearly all exhibit supplier companies worldwide understand English; however, not all words and terms used may be clearly understood in other languages and countries. A knowledgeable exhibit service partner will advise the trade show manager about regulations, customs and exhibit design differences when doing a trade show in their country. Understand and respect what is different from country to country to ensure a successful event. 

This RFP template outlines the critical data needed, in English, with various key word/terms translated into various languages. It is designed to accurately communicate the exhibit design and show site services that you are thinking for an event outside of your country of origin. The template is designed to instantly translate English terms used within the exhibition industry worldwide. This ensures clear communication. 


International Request for a Trade Show Service Proposal RFP Template for Exhibitions Services in CHINA
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource.