IAEE Specialty Webinar Series on Sales Strategies and Solutions, PART 3 – Bringing It All Together: Helping Your Customers to Say “Yes”

Recorded On: 05/24/2023

Our world keeps changing and evolving, and thus our clients and their buying needs are changing, too. In many ways, we are all doing business somewhat differently in the post-pandemic recovery. Things you did before the pandemic may not be working like they did before. With expectations for success increasing on salespeople everywhere, it’s a great time for sales “strength and conditioning!”

Let’s examine the changes and dynamics of the buyers that impact your business, your sales efforts, and your biggest challenges you must overcome to produce results. This exciting webinar series will help identify the necessary fundamentals, the need for creativity and the components necessary for successful selling habits.

We’ve teamed up with sales, leadership, and performance expert Gary Hernbroth of Training for Winners to bring you a 3-part IAEE Special Webinar Series titled, Sales Strategies & Solutions.” These webinars are designed to bring you helpful sales coaching and useful recommendations for further developing your sales knowledge, strengthening your negotiation skills, and crafting your sales approach for overall success.  The series follows a chronological order of content and steps and each webinar leads off the previous one in a continual process.

IAEE Specialty Webinar Series on Sales Strategies & Solutions, PART 3 – Bringing It All Together: Helping Your Customers to Say "Yes."

Learning Objectives:

  • Optimize your product or service vs. your competition and understanding “Gap Selling.”
  • Positioning your prospects for negotiation so that both sides “win.”
  • Find the best use for technology such as: CRM systems, Vidyard, Greencube and LinkedIn, etc. 

This webinar is Part 3 of a series of 3 specialty webinars relevant to sales professionals who want to learn more about strengthening and conditioning their sales skills and performance.

This course is offered as an individual webinar (Members $35 | Non-Members $55) or you can purchase the full series of three webinars at a discounted rate (Members $99 | Non-Members $149).

To register for individual courses only, go to the specific webinar listing. To register for the full series of webinars, you will go to the Webinar Series listing. Can’t make the date? You can still register and get access to the recordings!

This session/course/webinar is eligible for 1 clock hour towards CEM recertification. 


Gary Hernbroth

Founder & Chief Motivation Officer

Training for Winners

Gary Hernbroth is an inspiring and transformative professional speaker, trainer, and business coach, infusing a sense of fun and action into his motivational approach with his clients for over 26 years.

Gary’s clients have tabbed him as their "strength and conditioning coach" to describe his impact on their respective organizations, their sales efforts and overall team performance. They hire Gary because he invigorates people and helps them kick up their games. 

His positive impact is felt by many, illustrated by the fact that he was recently selected by Connect Meetings as one of the “Top 15 over 50 Professionals in the Meetings Industry." 

Sparked by the spirit of hospitality after 17 successful and colorful years in the luxury hospitality business in sales and operations leadership roles, Gary founded Training for Winners in 1995. He quickly built his national reputation as a straight-talking coach who impacts organizations of all sizes and types across many diverse industries.

His A-list of clients includes associations, companies, hospitality firms, high-tech, public sector, clubs, universities, convention facilities and wineries, to name a few. Brands such as The PGA TOUR, Disney, Genentech, Marriott, MPI and PCMA have called on Gary to help them find that extra gear. He is a tireless champion in the industry for finding ways to help buyers, sellers and teams work together better.



IAEE Specialty Sales Webinar - 05.24.23
Recorded 05/24/2023  |  60 minutes
Recorded 05/24/2023  |  60 minutes Part 3 in a series of 3 - Content for sales professionals which includes learning how you can optiimize your product or service vs. your competitions, the concept of “Gap Selling.” as well as how you can position your prospects for negotiation and getting them to "yes". We'll aslo touch on finding the best use of technology in terms of CRM systems and various types out there.