I Just Hired a Salesperson...Now What? Onboarding for Sales Success

Recorded On: 07/13/2022

Excellence in sales management requires many skills beyond smart sales hiring. Onboarding, salesperson engagement, and ongoing coaching are critical skills. Even if your hiring process is brining in the right talent, you can’t expect your new rock-star sales reps to succeed without an equally effective onboarding plan. The first 90 days is critical and determines their chances of success so don’t shortcut the onboarding process!

In this program, join Troy Harrison, The Sales Navigator as he teaches you how to build an onboarding program that works and provides you with tips and solutions for monitoring your salesperson’s progress.

After participating in this session, you will be able to:
• Learn techniques that will greatly increase the effectiveness of the onboarding process.
• Gain tips for increasing new hire productivity and engagement that will retain your new employees.
• Create a step by step onboarding plan that allows you to effectively train, engage and monitor your new employees progress.

This session/course/webinar is eligible for 1 clock hour towards CEM re-certification.

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Troy Harrison


Troy Harrison & Associates

As of 2017, Troy Harrison has trained salespeople from 23 different countries on two different continents.  He’s worked with principals of companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.  That’s why they call him the “Sales Navigator” – he navigates the globe teaching the very best and most contemporary techniques for selling and sales management to clients worldwide.



IAEE Webinar - 07.13.22
Recorded 07/13/2022
Recorded 07/13/2022 IAEE Webinar on How to Onboard a Salesperson for Success.