Exhibitor Relations - VIRTUAL CLASS - 10/3/24

This class will be conducted VIRTUALLY through Zoom on 10/3/24 from 8:30am - 2:30pm CST. There will be an optional 30-minute study period followed by an hour for the exam. Those that are recertifying, not taking the exam or taking the course as not part of the CEM program will end their day at 2:30pm CST. 

You are required to read the workbook before class. It is located under the “Workbook” tab (workbook coming soon!)

You must have a webcam to take this class.


Exhibitors are a critical stakeholder in the exhibitions and events industry that are often misunderstood or overlooked. Understanding how to partner with exhibitors to ensure their success will help drive value for the show organizer, the exhibitor and the attendee. It is important for show organizers to understand the root causes of pain points for exhibitors and what systems, processes and solutions a show organizer can implement to address the needs of their exhibitors and create success for all stakeholders.


After completing this course, the participant should be able to: 

  • Accurately identify all stakeholder groups and their role in the exhibitions industry
  • Describe what elements of an RFP can be negotiated and how those choices may impact the exhibitors, both positively and negatively
  • Explain the current pain points for exhibitors, including the root cause of those pain points and possible ways to address them to benefit both the exhibitor and the trade show stakeholders
  • Describe the differences between show rules, union rules and venue rules
  • Explain the importance of communicating with and resolving issues for exhibitors, including identifying practical systems, processes and solutions to address these situations
  • Set sustainability goals for a trade show and understand the driving factors to encourage participation from exhibitors
  • Develop and implement DE&I initiatives to create an inclusive experience
  • Recall a range of technology and understand how to use it effectively
  • Support exhibitors in calculating ROI through the use of data and metrics


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