WellBeing: Helping People & Events Perform Better

Recorded On: 05/20/2021

With the COVID – 19 pandemic, we all have learned to be mindful of our own well-being as well as those around us including our family, clients, co-workers, clients, employees and attendees.  It has given us a pause to reassess.    As we go into the next era of events and shows, we know we must care for our clients and attendees’ safety, security and overall well-being now more than ever.  The entire world depends on it.

At Maritz Global Events, the well-being of the human is vital to their overall success in life.  When the human’s well-being is cared for their overall happiness and performance increases.    

In this session, hear from Maritz Global Events’ Well-Being Leader, Rachael Riggs on Maritz’ well-being approach and how to design with well-being at the heart of the experience.    This approach is core to Maritz and they want to share it with all of our industry to show you, how your organization, too, can do the same, putting wellness at the forefront.   When you focus on the well-being of others, it can drive social change, enrich the event experience and make the world a better place!

After participating in this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand how well-being can be incorporated into event design;
  • Learn and gain a simple well-being framework to develop your own strategy;
  • Walk away with tips and tricks to care for the well-being of your others (and yourself).
  • Download the Maritz well-being e-book and use it as a tool to help you design your events.

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Rachael Riggs

WellBeing Leader

Maritz Global Events

For more than 25 years, Rachael Riggs has been dedicated to creating holistic event experiences that motivate people to be the best versions of themselves. As the WellBeing Leader of Maritz Global Events, Riggs focuses on improving the guest experience by keeping their well-being at the heart of the design.   As a member of the Design Studio team, Riggs works with clients to design experiences that care for the whole person so they can perform at their peak performance.

Riggs is a certified meeting professional and digital event strategist.  She is passionate about giving back to the event industry. Currently, Riggs serves on the Events Industry Council APEX COVID-19 Business Recovery Task-force where she recently received the 2020 Chairman’s Award for this work, as the President of the North American Chapter for EventWell, and Immediate Past President of PCMA’s Greater Midwest Chapter.  

 Located in Chicago, Riggs enjoys life with her husband, adult children and furry kids.   



IAEE Webinar - 05.20.21
Recorded 05/20/2021
Recorded 05/20/2021 WellBeing: Helping People & Events Perform Better