Security, Risk and Crisis Management Online - 6 September - 4 October 2022

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Protecting the financial integrity of exhibitions and events is critical, and an essential element of that goal is proper risk assessment and planning. Risk management is a continuing process that identifies, analyzes, evaluates and addresses loss exposures and monitors risk control and financial resources for the purpose of mitigating the undesirable effects of loss. This involves evaluating the security needs for an event and if a crisis should occur, having a crisis management team in place to manage it. This is an ongoing process, it is more than a one time process.  

After completing this course, the participant should be able to: 

  • List security components of site selection
  • Identify the security needs of exhibitions and events
  • Identify essential elements of a request for proposal for a security vendor
  • Evaluate security requests for proposal responses to hire a competent security contractor
  • Explain the principles of risk management as related to insurance coverage
  • List types of event and exhibition insurance
  • Explain the concept of event cancellation insurance
  • Generalize and understand the importance of requiring certificates of insurance from exhibitors
  • Explore the concept of protecting the exhibition organizer against losses
  • Define a crisis and how to prepare for a variety of crises
  • Develop the basics of a crisis management plan
  • Identify terroristic threats
  • Identify evaluation procedures for a crisis management plan
  • Security, Risk and Crisis Management Exam - SRCM Online - September 2022

  • Section Four

    Welcome to Section Four - you are almost finished!

    Read the following sections from your course workbook: 


    • Defining a Crisis
    • Developing a Crisis Management Plan
    • On-Site Crisis Situations
    • Acts of Violence and Threats
    • Security Consideration: Physical Security
    • Security Measures and Considerations for Physical Security Management
    • Security Force
    • Security Consideration: Access Control Systems
    • Security Consideration: Patron Screening and Credentialing
    • Security Consideration: Developing a Crisis Management Plan
    • Principles of Crisis Management
    • Creating the Crisis Management Plan
    • Planning
    • Emergency Operations Plan
    • Emergency Medical Plan
    • Evacuation/Shelter-in-Place/Relocation/Lock-Down Plan
    • Security Consideration: Special Events
    • Evaluating a Crisis Management Plan
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    KEY TERMS - It is very important that you have a strong understanding and working knowledge of all the Key Terms listed at the end of the Workbook Content

    You have three discussion exercises to complete and a short quiz to successfully complete to meet the requirements of Section Four and finish the course requirements. 



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    • Your proctor should preferably be a current CEM or HR Director/Manager. If you cannot find a CEM in your area or an HR Director/Manager, another manager from your company may act as your proctor.
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    • Recertifying CEMs are not required to take exam. 

    **Note that the exam is based strictly on the course content from the workbook. Any suggested reading/handouts, your own personal experiences, and information included in the Appendix (if applicable), are not included on the exam. The suggested reading (handouts/videos), are additional benefits that your instructor or IAEE think may be beneficial to you.

  • Section Three

    Welcome to Section Three! 

    Read following sections from the course workbook:


    • Exhibitor Liability Insurance
    • Cyber Liability Insurance
    • Crime Insurance
    • Event Cancellation Insurance
    • Host Liquor Liability Insurance (U.S. Only)
    • Certificates of Insurance
    • Reinsurance
    • Insurance Claim Reporting
    • Protecting Against Losses 

    You have two discussion exercises to complete and a short quiz. 

  • Section Two

    Welcome to Section Two! 

    Please read the following sections from your course workbook:


    • Risk Avoidance
    • Risk Reduction
    • Risk Transfer
    • Risk Retention
    • Types of Insurance Coverage
    • Policy Provisions
    • What Are Insurance Endorsements?
    • Business Property Insurance (BPI)
    • Commercial General Liability insurance (CGL)
    • The Concept of Additional Insured
    • Umbrella Liability Coverage  

    You have two discussion exercises to complete and a short quiz.

  • Section One

    Welcome to Section One! 

    Each of the assignments must be completed in sequential order. For example, you will not be able to move on to Section One Exercise Two until you have completed Section One Exercise One.

    Each discussion exercise requires that you make one post, your answer to the post. You are encouraged to go back and review and/or reply to other student's posts throughout the length of the course but are NOT required to respond back to another student's post. 

    You must make a 100% on the quiz to successfully complete it. You will be able to see the questions you answered incorrectly after your first attempt. You can take the quiz as many times as needed to pass.

    Make sure you have reviewed the syllabus and downloaded a copy of the course workbook (both located in the HANDOUTS section).

    *This week you have an assignment which your instructor must grade first before you can move on to the next assignment, which is the quiz.

    Read the following sections from the course workbook:



    • Defining the Event’s Security Requirements
    • RFP and Security Company Selection
    • Security Staffing, Scheduling and Security Plans
    • Security Organization Procedure Considerations
    • Security Guidelines
    • Badging and Identification Systems
    • ESCA WIS Badge System
    • Technology Resources for Exhibition and Event Security 

    After you have finished your reading, you have two discussion exercises, an assignment which is graded by your instructor, and a short quiz to complete.  Exercise Three will need to be graded prior to you taking the quiz.  The quiz will need to be completed with a 100% score prior to you moving on to Section Two.  

    When answering the discussion exercises, use your past experience as well as the knowledge gained from reading the course workbook. Through your answers, your peer’s answers, and the resulting discussion, your instructor will help you to look deeper into the course topics. 

    Remember that each discussion exercise requires only one post - your answer to the exercise. You are strongly encouraged to go back and reply to student's post throughout the length of the course - ask a question to a classmate, enhance and provoke additional dialogue.

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