Security, Risk and Crisis Management Online - 19 May - 16 June 2020

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Protecting the financial integrity of exhibitions is critical, and an essential element of that goal is proper risk assessment and planning. Risk management is a continuing process that identifies, analyzes, evaluates and addresses loss exposures and monitors risk control and financial resources for the purpose of mitigating the undesirable effects of loss. This involves evaluating the security needs for an event and if a crisis should occur, having a crisis management team in place to manage it.

After completing this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Explain the principles of risk management as related to insurance coverage
  • Compare the types of insurance coverage as applied to exhibitions
  • Explain the concept of event cancellation insurance
  • Generalize the importance of requiring certificates of insurance from exhibitors
  • Explore the concept of protecting the exhibition organizer against losses
  • Define what a crisis is and how to prepare for a variety of crises
  • Develop the basics of a crisis management plan
  • Identify two types of natural disasters and various types of man-made crises
  • Identify evaluation procedures for a crisis management plan
  • Understand the security aspects of site selection
  • Recognize the show organizer’s obligations to create a safe and secure floor plan
  • Identify the security needs of an exhibition and event
  • Identify the essential elements in a Request for Proposal for a security vendor
  • Evaluate responses to a Security Request for Proposal in order to hire a competent security contractor

Bob Kelley, CEM, CMM, has spent his career in the hospitality industry identifying solutions for improving event operations, sales and marketing and ultimately, the overall customer experience.  He has been involved with IAEE since 1990, serving on several national committees, the national board of directors, as well as being an active member and leader of the Southeastern Chapter.  Bob received the National Merit Award and the Distinguished Service Award from IAEE in recognition for his service to the association and the industry.  He earned the Educator of the Year Award from IAEE in 2014.  Bob believes that education allows individuals to perform at their greatest potential.  The CEM designation is an excellent way for individuals to identify their dedication to improving their understanding of the industry and enhance their professional standing within the industry.

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