Neuroscience of Exhibitions and Events On-Location - 8/25/2020 - CEM Week Austin, TX

Exhibition and event professionals move people’s hearts and minds through the experiences they create. By knowing how the brain works, we can create experiences that maximize our attendees’ brainpower and supercharge results. It is not about creating engaging events; it is about creating experiences that engage the social brain.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine why our brains are wired to socially connect and ways to leverage that in our events and exhibitions.
  • Analyze meeting room designs and exhibition floor layouts to create brain friendly environments that drive the results you want.
  • Deconstruct event industry best practices and CEM standards through a neuroscience lens.           

Janet Sperstad, CMP

Program Director, Meeting and Event Management

Janet Sperstad’s professional history reflects her lifelong vocation: driving excellence in meeting and event management execution and education. She has dedicated her career to defining the competencies and career pathways that articulate meeting planning as a design discipline – separate and distinct from hospitality – requiring skills in the social sciences, executive leadership, and the cognitive sciences.Her contributions are global in scope and rooted in over 25 years as a meeting professional and executive leader in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Janet has been employed by a Fortune 500 global company, a statewide association, and owned a professional event management firm.

Janet currently leads Madison College’s Meeting and Event Management Associate degree program, which she founded in 2002. This award-winning program is recognized for its stringent requirements that faculty demonstrate direct meeting planning experience and credentials; the program currently offers the most number of meeting and event management credits in the United States and has served as a model for other programs at colleges and universities in North America and Europe.


Live In-Person Event
08/25/2020 at 8:30 AM (CDT)   |  8 hours  |  Attendance Required
08/25/2020 at 8:30 AM (CDT)   |  8 hours  |  Attendance Required
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