Floor Plan Development Online - 6 October - 3 November 2020

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A well-designed floor plan or layout is critical to the success of an exhibition or event. The floor plan is a schematic drawing of the exhibit hall or event venue that includes the booths/stands available for rent to the exhibitors, facility physical features, official areas (such as registration) and other feature areas that become the exhibition marketplace. In a rapidly changing business environment, a floor plan must meet the logistical needs of exhibitors and sponsors and the shopping habits of attendees with sufficient flexibility to adjust for growth or consolidation. 

After completing this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Analyze an exhibition’s target market and industry segment to develop a floor plan, meeting both exhibitor and attendee needs
  • Create a floor plan that incorporates the unique features of a venue or facility
  • Identify the primary factors necessary to create a functional and workable floor plan that meets the sales goals and objectives, and needs of exhibitors and show management
  • Evaluate technology options and tools to maximize sales and sponsorships
  • Incorporate fire and safety codes and local regulations into the floor plan
  • Explain both fire and safety codes, and security and safety issues, as they relate to floor plan development
  • Define elements of a successful floor plan
  • Analyze and evaluate past and current floor plans to identify sources of improvement and enhancements to future floor plans
  • Identify the most common booths/stands used in a typical floor plan
  • Identify factors that impact traffic flow on a floor plan
  • Identify various space assignment systems and how they affect the design of a floor plan
  • Floor Plan Development Exam - FPD Online October

    Floor Plan Development Exam - FPD Online October

    Floor Plan Development Exam - FPD Online October

  • Floor Plan Development Week Four - October

    Week Four

    Welcome to Week Four! This course ends Tuesday, 3 November.

    Read the following pages from your course workbook:


    • Floor Plan Control Technology
    • Floor Plan Navigation Technology
    • Alternative Design Concepts and Non-Traditional Floor Plans
    • International Shows and Floor Plan Design Considerations
    • Educating the Sales Team
    • Space Assignments Systems




    You have three discussion exercises to complete and a short quiz.


    • Complete all course requirements
    • Complete course survey sent by email from Survey Monkey


    • Schedule and take exam by 1 February 2021 ($25 fee assessed after this date).
    • All exams must be taken under the supervision of a proctor and it is your responsibility to arrange your proctored exam (they must stay with you the entire time)
    • Your proctor should preferably be a current CEM or HR Director/Manager. If you cannot find a CEM in your area or an HR Director/Manager, another manager from your company may act as your proctor.
    • Information on the exam process can be found here.   
    • Fill out online exam request form at least five days before your exam date.
    • You will receive the exam instructions and your proctor will receive the exam password by email the Friday before your scheduled exam date.
    • If you do not pass the exam, you will be able to retake it within one year at the cost of $25.


    • Each course is eligible for five credit hours towards the 15 credit hours needed to recertify – credits will automatically be added to your account.
    • Recertification information is located here.   
    • Recertifying CEMs are not required to take exam.

    **Note that the exam is based strictly on the course content from the workbook. Any suggested reading/handouts, your own personal experiences, and information included in the Appendix (if applicable), are not included on the exam. The suggested reading (handouts/videos), are additional benefits that your instructor or IAEE think may be beneficial to you.

  • Floor Plan Development Week Three - October

    Week Three

    Welcome to Week Three! 

    This week, you will learn about the following (reading from the course workbook):


    • Entrances and Exits
    • Security and Safety
    • Floor Plan Legend

    You have two discussion exercises, an assignment, and a short quiz to complete.

  • Floor Plan Development Week Two - October

    Week Two

    Welcome to Week Two! 

    Please read the following sections from your course workbook:

    • Elements of a Successful Floor Plan
    • Focus on Aesthetic and Visual Appeal
    • Review of Existing Plans
    • Traffic Flow Patterns
    • Number, Size and Shape of Exhibit Spaces
    • Aisle/Gangway Sizes

    You have two discussion exercises to complete and a short quiz.

    Remember that each discussion exercise requires that you make at least two posts. Your first post must be your answer to the exercise and your second post must be a reply to another student's post. The second post should be more than just posting a compliment. Ask a question to a classmate, or make sure you provide a comment that will continue the conversation on course content that was covered during the week. The purpose in reaching out to a classmate is to enhance and provoke additional dialogue among classmates about the topics we are studying. Online courses require valuable interaction among peers and a major part of the interaction is initiated through your peer comments. 

Troy Love, CTA, CMP, CASE, CEM, has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including nine years at the helm of a casino organization. He holds a B.S. in Social Science and an M.S. in Tourism Management. Troy is also a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), CTA (Certified Tourism Ambassador), CASE (Certified Association Sales Executive) and a CEM (Certified in Exhibition Management). He currently works for the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau.