Facilities and Site Selection Online - 13 July - 10 August 2021

Site selection includes the process of choosing both a location and a facility for an exhibition or event. Site selection is a crucial first step in producing a successful exhibition or event. It consists of advanced detailed planning, including access for attendees with disabilities, organizational goals and objectives, and exhibitor needs and transportation. The exhibition organizer should give careful consideration to all factors that could impact the exhibition’s growth and, ultimately, the need for more space. 

After completing this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Differentiate between the types of facilities that host exhibitions
  • Select an appropriate facility type based on the needs of the exhibition
  • Explain the similarities and differences between U.S. and non-U.S. facilities
  • Recognize the value of understanding and articulating the economic impact of the exhibition on the host city
  • Identify potential revenue streams for exhibition facilities
  • Differentiate between the site-selection process and site inspections
  • Discuss the importance of both strategic and operational aspects of site selection
  • Identify members of the site-selection committee
  • Evaluate the key aspects of the potential destination and site in terms of the initial site visit
  • Discuss the key components of conducting a site visit 
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Bob Kelley, CEM, CMM, MSM, has spent his career in the hospitality industry identifying solutions for improving event operations, considering efficiencies and effectiveness, sales and marketing, and ultimately the overall customer experience. He has spent time on both sides of the industry working for a large general service contractor as well as a major show management organization. Bob currently consults concentrating on both tactical and strategic planning in sales and marketing and event planning to associations and trade show organizers. With our new and changing working environment, the focus is on flexibility and adaptability when serving clients and customers.

Bob has been a member of IAEE since 1990, serving on several national committees, representing IAEE internationally, and the national board of directors. Bob earned his CEM in 1996 and was one of the first suppliers to earn their CEM designation.

He has been very active in the Southeastern Chapter of IAEE and is a past recipient of the IAEE National Merit Award. He is also a recipient of the IAEE Distinguished Service Award and the 2014 Educator of the Year Award. Bob believes professional education allows individuals to perform at the pinnacle of their potential. The CEM designation is an excellent way for individuals to identify their dedication to improving their understanding and enhance their professional standing within the industry.