Exhibition and Event Sales Online - 10 August - 7 September 2021

In order to ensure the success of an event or exhibition, there are vital elements involved in the planning process that should be conducted from the ground up. No matter how successful or well respected an exhibition may be, it should be presented as if it were a first-time event – it is the marketing and selling equivalent of zero-based budgeting. This involves highlighting an event’s features and benefits, understanding the phases of the sales cycle and the need to support sales efforts with the appropriate tools and resources, and preparing the exhibition prospectus in a comprehensive and engaging way. 

After completing this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify the key steps in the sales cycle
  • Describe the exhibition sales process
  • Explain the importance of relationship selling in the sales process
  • Identify different pricing strategies
  • Explain how telemarketing is utilized
  • Develop an international sales strategy
  • Explain the importance of providing exhibitors with measurable ROI
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Jai Cole, CEM is vice president of her company PlumCom Inc., an independent show producer since 1984 in Toronto, ON Canada. In 2001- 2003, she was an adjunct professor at George Brown College, Toronto, for the “Trade Show Management” certificate program. In 2009, Jai became a faculty instructor of the CEM Learning Program. Life-long learning is important to her and the CEM program provides industry professionals with valuable knowledge and education into all facets of the industry. The CEM designation demonstrates that the person has achieved a high standard of excellence and professional standing in the exposition and event industry that they serve. In 2010, Jai, with her husband Bruce, were featured in “Trade Show Week” magazine. She has also been “Spotlighted” as a member of IAEE.

Jai has participated on IAEE committees and task forces including the CEM Commission, the Certified Events Task Force, Chairperson of the Sales Academy Task Force and the Best Practices Task Force. She can be reached at jcole@plumcom.ca or 416-587-5227.