Digital Events Management – On-Location – 4/13/23 – IAEE N. CA Chapter, SEMI office, Milpitas, CA

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This course will take place at the SEMI office in Milpitas, CA. It is sponsored by the IAEE N. CA Chapter. It is scheduled for 4/13/23 from 8:30am PST – 3:00pm PST. 

You must read the workbook ahead of class.

Lunch will be provided!

Course Description: 

Digital events can be a key element of a company’s omnichannel offerings as an alternate method of bringing event attendees together virtually.  By leveraging various virtual tools and platforms, event and exhibition professionals can create experiences that engage and expand a company’s digital footprint and connect individuals anywhere in the world. Whatever the purpose, there are similarities between in-person and digital—as well as many differences, with the common goal of bringing everyone together.

 Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the participant should be able to: 

  • Identify different types of digital events
  • Learn the basics of building a basic digital event strategy
  • Understand the elements and processes for designing and delivering a digital event
  • Determine all key stakeholders when developing a digital event
  • Identify key criteria to include in a request for proposal for a digital event
  • Explore the role of using live and/or pre-recorded content for a digital event
  • Identify digital and virtual event platforms to use in delivering digital events


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Digital Events Management Exam
40 Questions  |  2 attempts  |  30/40 points to pass
40 Questions  |  2 attempts  |  30/40 points to pass
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No credits available  |  Certificate available